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When you send out broadcast campaigns, you often split the intended recipients into portions so that each portion receives a different variant of the sent broadcast email campaign.

Ometria allows you to not only filter the contacts who interacted with the campaign but also filter contacts who interacted with a particular split variant of the campaign.

So you can use the segment to analyse the impact of marketing activity and optimise your marketing strategy.

  • For example, you sent a broadcast campaign with a sale on products and split the campaign into 3 variants for customers who prefer Brand 1, Brand 2 or Brand 3 shoes.
  • This segmentation will let you analyse your marketing activity on those who received the Brand 1 variant of the broadcast campaign.
  • You can also follow up with an offer only on Brand 1 shoes to these specific customers.

1. Add Condition> Email Activity>Select Received specific broadcast campaign variant.

2. Select Value to select the variant you need to segment on

3. Select the variant you need from a list of broadcast Campaign variants.