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With Ometria's subject line builder you can personalise subject lines based on a range of contact attributes. 

For example, you may want to include a contact's first name in the subject line. Or create different subject lines based on a contact’s number of orders, lifecycle stage or segment membership.

You can also easily define a default go-to subject line to be used if they do not meet any subject line variation criteria.

Note: To report on the performance of subject lines you need to ensure you split test your automation and broadcast campaigns.

1. How to personalise email subject lines for contacts

1.1 Access the subject line builder

The subject line builder can be used in both Broadcast and Automation email campaigns to personalise subject lines for either type of email campaign.

In broadcast campaigns

When creating or editing a broadcast campaign, go to the 'Content' tab to select the Use Subject Line Builder button to personalise the email subject line.

Fig 1: Use subject line builder - Broadcast

In Automation campaigns

When creating an automation campaign flow, go to Action> Send email>Configure to select Use Subject line builder to develop personalised subject lines.

To change the subject line of an existing email campaign, just click on the cog of the email node as shown in step 3 in Fig 2, and select Use Subject Line Builder.

To see how to access and edit individual email campaigns see the App guide for Campaign builder.

 Fig 2: Use subject line builder - Automation

1.2 Using the Subject-Line Builder

  1. Selecting Use Subject Line Builder opens the Subject Line Builder window.
  2. Choose the + Add Subject Line Variation option to add the first personalisation in the subject line.

    Fig 3: Subject line builder

  3. Choose the personalised criteria you want to apply by selecting a personalisation option from the drop-down list in the For contacts that meet following criteria section.

                                                  Fig 4: Choose criteria to personalise your email

  4. Write a subject line and insert personalisation inside it where ever you want.

                        Fig 5: Insert personalisation at any location in the subject line

  5. You can keep adding multiple variations by selecting + Add Subject Line Variation.

    When building a subject line for a specific contact, Ometria will check the contact against subject line variations on a waterfall logic.
    So, if a contact does not meet the criteria of the first variation they proceed to next variation, moving from top to bottom until the contact meets a criterion and gets an email with that variant of the subject line.

    If the contact does not meet any criteria, they reach the default subject line.