This screen enables users to see all data about individual contacts and customers in one place.

  • See what segments customers/contacts belong to
  • Ability to change customer details including email address, subscription status and name
  • Predictive at risk / lapsed date
  • Ability to drill down into orders to see what products were bought
  • Recommended products
  • Category/brand affinity
  • Contact timeline
  • Notes section
  • Tagging

Tabs include: Overview, Activity, Orders, Products and Notes.

Please note that the information panel on the left hand side is static and will not change when the user switches tabs.


Users can modify contact/customer settings such as the email address, name, country, gender and any custom fields that have been set up. Users can also add and remove tags:

The attribute affinity panel can be filtered by different attributes:

There is a a latest orders panel, a recently viewed panel and a recommended products panel (these use the personalised recommendation engine).

All visit activity is on the left hand side panel and includes information such as date subscribed, date of second order and the date the contact/customer will become at risk and lapsed .

Users can also see which segments the customer/contact is currently in - clicking any of the segments will take you to the segment explorer:

Activity tab

Contact Activity is updated in this stream in 5 to 10 minutes from the time the activity occurred in the platform. However this depends on when the activity arrives in the app. 

For example, Order data is pushed to Ometria at varying intervals for some accounts. So order data will take 5-10 min to appear in the activity stream, from the time it is received in Ometria.

Visits, product views, abandoned baskets, etc. arrive in the platform when the visit session ends. So these activities will take 5-10 min to appear in the activity stream, from the time the session ends.

In the activity tab you can filter the event type as well as the store. You can click into specific events to get more information - for example, clicking into an order will give you order and product details and clicking on a lifecycle event will indicate which stage the contact has come from.

Orders tab

The orders tab has extensive detail regarding the order, including the product/s purchased, unit price, subtotal, discount, tax, shipping, source, store and coupon code. You can search for order ID as well as collapse / expand certain orders:

Products tab

The products tab shows what products a customer has purchased.

Notes tab

The notes tab allows users to search for notes, see who the poster was and delete them. There is also an indicator to display the number of notes a contact has: