Released 04/12/17


Custom events enables you to push any type of event that is not already supported in Ometria (order, visit, cart abandonment, etc.) that can be triggered in automation campaigns. 

More importantly, the event data can be inserted into the email.

  • Some use cases: wishlist event, price drop event, customer visited an offline store, customer has visited a specific webpage or has done a specific action on a website.
  • It is important to note that all of the logic needs to be set up on your side - you would need to send Ometria the event data and information. For example, if the custom event is to trigger an email when a contact visits a specific webpage, you will need to track the contact and send us the event when it happens - this would not be set up in Ometria. Same applies for product custom events - if the price of a specific product is discounted, you would need to let us know when that happens and include all customer and product data in the event. We only need the data which you consider relevant for a specific custom event, as we will use products ID/s to find the product details.
  • Each custom event must be associated with a contact so we can trigger a campaign.


Before using an automation campaign with custom events, you would need to make Ometria aware you would like to go ahead and start using custom events. There would be some technical setup requirements we need to go through in order to make this work for you. Please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager in order to get started.

Campaign automation UI

As soon as this has been configured, the custom event appears in the automation UI with an icon:

Important: because all logic is controlled at your end, it's possible that you could push a custom event at the wrong time with the wrong information. Ometria has no way of knowing if the custom event is correct when it is pushed to us.