This guide illustrates how to complete the integration with Shopify by inserting a bit of code on your shop's website (in order to enable Ometria to receive interaction data).

You will have received an account setup link from Ometria detailing your integration steps. 

Step 2 in this link contains some javascript tracking code, which you should copy before beginning the steps below. 

Once you've copied the javascript code, log into your store's administration panel and select Themes. 

Choose a published theme and select Template Editor.


1. Locate the list of files (templates) in the left panel and select 'theme.liquid'. 

The contents for this template display on the right:

Fig 2: themes.liquid page

2. Paste the code as provided during the integration between the </body> and </html> tags at the bottom of the page.


Click Save.

Note: You'll need to repeat steps 1 and 2 for all published themes.

3. Now click on Settings (see Fig 3) from the bottom of the navigation panel on the left, then click on Checkout

Scroll down until you see the Additional Scripts box as shown on the screenshot (fig 4) below and paste the following code into the box, then press the Save button.

Note: Replace <your_site_identifier.js> with the site identifier supplied by Ometria.

<script>if (typeof ometria == 'undefined') window.ometria = {};
var url=window.location.protocol+"//<your_site_identifier.js>";
setTimeout(function(){var sc=document.createElement('script');sc.src=url;sc.setAttribute('async','true');

Fig 3: Settings

Fig 4: Additional Scripts