Ometria users can now access a Link Click report to report on the performance of individual links in any automation or broadcast campaign.

The report can be accessed via Campaigns > Campaign performance screen and displays metrics for any individual automation or broadcast campaign.

Accessing the Link Click report

When reviewing the performance of any individual campaign you will now see the Links option displayed.


NoteWith broadcast campaigns you have a filter option available to filter the Link Click Report to look at any individual variant/s.


Link Click Report provides a series of data points for individual links in any automation or broadcast template displaying which links are clicked the most.

Below provides a screenshot of an example report for a broadcast campaign:

  • Variant label (broadcast only): Displays the variant name added as a tracking label when scheduling a broadcast campaign with variants. Note: As all broadcast campaigns have a variant by default 'Variant A' will be displayed for any standard campaigns (with no split tests set up).
  • Link URL: URL defined in the Template editor OR  defined in the Link URL field in the visual editor.
  • Link name: name of link defined in template (see Adding Link name information to your templates section below) OR in the Link name field when building a template in the visual editor. Note: If a Link name has not been defined a numeric value will be automatically assigned for each. The numeric value is unique per link in the block or where there are no blocks (e.g. headers, footers, templates without blocks).  The variant, link name and block type should always be unique. Link names added in the UI are lowercased and any non alphanumeric characters are replaced by spaces. 
  • Block type: name of block defined in your master template using om:block= (see Blocks and Editable Regions for more information). If a template has been built in the template editor and does not have blocks defined No block will display here. Similarly No Block is also displayed for links found outside of blocks (e.g. header/footer) for templates that do contain blocks. Note: If multiple blocks of the same type are present in the template the report will automatically add #N to the end, based on the order in the template. The numbers are based on that subset of blocks alone. 
  • Number of clicks: total number of clicks recorded
  • Percentage of clicks: % of total clicks recorded
  • Number of unique clicks: total number of unique clicks recorded
  • Percentage of unique clicks: % of unique clicks recorded


  • For Automation activity the report displays metrics for the last 30 days of activity.
  • For Broadcast activity the report displays metrics for the 30 days from the initial schedule time. 
  • Automation link performance is combined and reported across different automation send nodes. 

Adding Link name information to your templates

In the Template editor

You can define the Link name you would like to appear in the Link Click report by using om:linkname=

see Blocks and Editable Regions for more information

In the Visual Editor

In the template visual editor you can define Link name information for the different regions of your email template and this information will then be displayed in the Link Click Report.

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact: support@ometria.com