Below is the description of different metrics and functionality. 

Store selector: on the top right corner filters down all KPIs and activity based on the selected store

Main KPIs:

The percentages represent the difference versus the selected period in the graph (vs yesterday, vs same day last week, vs same day last 4 weeks)

Number of active visitors: number of visitors that have had an interaction event with your website (page views: reloads, navigating to another page; add to basket; order; etc.) in the last 5 minutes - this is the sum of everyone in each funnel stage.

Total number of orders: number of cumulative orders for the current day

Total revenue: total cumulative revenue for the current day

The Funnel:

  • The Ometria logo represents the number of visitors that have come from an Ometria campaign (i.e. automation campaign). 
  • The orange person represents the number of identified visitors
  • When the orange arrow flashes it means that a visitor has transitioned from one stage to the next. However, there might be cases when someone directly arrives to the basket or a checkout page.

Browsing: anyone that is currently browsing your website

Shopping: anyone that currently has products added to basket

In checkout: anyone that is currently on the checkout page

NOTE: If any of these stages is consistently displaying 0, then it is likely there is an error in your javascript tracking, which is not allowing us to identify what stage (page type) the visitor is on. In this case, please contact to help you fix this.

Other metrics

Country / Traffic sources: number and percentage of visitors from a country or a specific traffic source. Percentages are calculated across all visitors.

Event stream:

  • Arrival: a new visit from an identified contact with the contacts email address.
  • Order: a new order with the order ID

To Display on a large monitor

You can expand the screen to exclude the top navigation by clicking the button below:

This allows you to display realtime interaction to your entire team on a wall mounted display - so you can watch in real time as those baskets get filled and the orders flood in from your latest email campaign.