While marketers could previously use template level tagging you now have greater granularity and can track the performance of individual Ometria automation flows and send actions in GA/any BI tool they use. They will be able to track interaction at individual segment/split test/node level in automation campaigns 

Additional merge tags

{{ email.segment_title }}: title of the segment that the contact passed through. We use the user-provided label added in the automation Flows view or, otherwise, "segment-1", "segment-2", etc as default (numbered from top to bottom).

{{ email.split_title }} - The title of the split of the A/B test that the contact passed through. For the split title, we use "split-A", "split-B", etc. These are all automatically defined and are not provided by user.

{{ email.node_title }} - The title of the email node from which the email was sent. We use the user-provided label or, otherwise, "email-node-1", "email-node-2", etc as default (the nth email node in the flow).

Available for all emails:

{{ email.template_title }} - title of the template used as defined under Campaigns > Templates.

Please refer to Technical documentation at: http://docs.ometria.com/email/merge_tags/#email-tags-automation-only

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact: support@ometria.com


For example, you can label the send node and that will automatically be appended to the UTM parameters using labels:

e.g. utm_content={{node_title}}

If you want to add additional granularity you can also append the segment and node titles, concatenating this for example: