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You can pause automation campaigns in Ometria for as long as you want, and then resume again when you are ready.

This is a useful feature when you have small changes to make to the automation flow or the campaign template after the campaign is already live.

You might also want to pause some specific campaigns during special promotions via other campaigns and newsletters. 

When you pause a campaign, all contacts currently active in the flow stay where they are - this is usually a wait node, as contacts typically do not stay very long in other nodes (e.g. send actions).

How to pause an automation campaign 

Go to: Campaigns > Automation campaigns and select Paused against any of your Active or Testing campaigns:

You can now complete any of the following:


Edit the campaign by selecting it and making any required changes as usual.

Set the campaign to Testing mode. 

If you choose to test the campaign, contacts paused in the flow will not be affected.

Select Stats to see the campaign performance report for this campaign.

Select Duplicate to create a copy of the campaign.

If you duplicate a paused campaign, the new campaign will also be paused. 

Select Archive to archive the campaign.

You can unarchive your campaign at any time by filtering on Archived campaigns using the drop-down at the top right of the screen, then selecting Unarchive against the campaign. 

Set the campaign back to Active by either resuming or restarting.

Resuming and restarting paused campaigns

Select Active against your paused campaign to reactivate.

The following message displays, giving you the option to Resume or Restart:

Select Resume if you want the campaign to continue as before - be aware that emails may send immediately to some contacts in your flow, depending where they were when you paused. 

Select Restart to reset the campaign - all contacts currently in the flow will drop out (including those in the testing flow) and your reporting statistics will be cleared. New contacts entering the flow once you restart will progress as normal. 

 Note: If there were no contacts in the flow when you paused the campaign, this message will display instead:

Select Ok to continue. 

Wait nodes in paused campaigns

In the example below, the automation campaign has three Send email actions and two wait nodes.

If you pause the campaign two days after it started sending, most of the contacts who entered will now be in the first wait node (4 days):

If you resume...then...

less than four days after the campaign first started sending

the contacts remain in the wait node until four days have passed.

more than four days after the campaign first started sending

the second email starts sending to those contacts immediately.

Be aware that when you resume the campaign, all contacts will continue to progress through the flow from the point at which they were paused - they cannot ‘go back’ unless you Restart the campaign, resetting all contacts and metrics. 

This means that if you add a wait node to a point in the flow before the node in which a contact is paused, the contact will not pass through it. 

Changes to the campaign flow

You can add and remove nodes from the flow while the campaign is paused.

Be aware that if you add extra nodes after the final wait node, the contacts in that wait node will continue to exit the campaign from where they are; they won't continue through to the new nodes.