In order to send an email via Ometria, we have listed below the steps that need to be completed:

1. Add DKIM settings in your name servers to allow us to send email on your behalf. Once you have confirmed the sending domain you wish to use, we will send you details of what needs to be added.

2. Set up a tracking sub-domain. We will also send you details of the CName record that needs changing in your name servers.

3. ( Optional - if you want to send newsletters via Ometria). Send us the suppression list from your existing ESP.

4. ( Optional - if you want to send newsletters via Ometria). Once we have received your suppression list, we will also clean your contacts list to make sure it contains only valid email addresses, to ensure optimum deliverability.

5. Once steps 1-4 above have been completed, you will have access to our HTML and visual editors. Our Customer Success team will work with you to set up lifecycle marketing campaigns, using timings and strategies based on insights from your data.

To create templates for these trigger campaigns, and for your newsletter, if relevant, you can start using the HTML editor right away. See this help guide for details of our personalisation and dynamic content tags.

However, if you would like to use one of our standard templates for automation (such as win-back, abandonment, post first purchase, VIP and welcome campaigns etc), please get in touch. We can also create a master template for your newsletters, based on drag and drop text and image blocks, for use in our visual editor.