Last Updated: 08/11/2018



You can create new, edit and save templates with different block combinations using the Visual Editor and can also create master templates directly in the app.

1. Creating or Editing a template

You can access the Visual Editor from the Templates dashboard. (If this is your first time editing a template we recommend going through the Templates guide first)

You can:

  • create or edit a template in the Visual Editor using a master template.
  • create or edit a template in HTML
  • create a master template (HTML only)

You can create several templates with different block combinations directly in the platform. However, you will need to have a master template as to use the Visual Editor.

Fig 1: The Visual Editor

The following sections explain how to use the Visual Editor to create the templates you want from your existing master templates.

2. Add blocks

The Add Blocks tab allows you to add pre-configured blocks that have been added to the master template. All existing blocks will be displayed on the left-hand side with your template on the right. You can insert a block by either dragging the block into the preview area or simply by clicking on "add block".

Fig 2: Add Blocks tab in the Visual Editor

A template (preview on the right) cannot have a predefined configuration of blocks which are displayed by default. Each template will start as blank, possibly with the preheader and the footer depending on how it was configured.  The above example has a fixed header with a logo and a footer with the social media following options.

Blocks, however, are predefined. You do not have the ability to change the parameters of these blocks, but you can change the contents of the blocks.

There are different types of blocks explained below.

To edit any block, see Edit template.

2.1. Image blocks

These are typically used for hero images. However, you can use them to insert images wherever you want in the template. Please note that there is no need to create multiple image blocks for different sizes, the image’s height will automatically adjust depending on the width of the block.

Fig 3: Image Block in the Visual Editor

2.2. Text block:

Is a standard text block, without the ability to modify font styling.

Fig 4: Text Block in the Visual Editor

2.3. HTML block:

Is a block that can be modified in HTML. Typically used for buttons or text blocks where you want to apply particular styling.