Follow this guide to learn how to configure the Ometria extension, to create a Web services User and Role for Ometria so that we can access products' and transactions' data on your eCommerce site's.


Before Proceeding:

1. If you do not wish to use our Magento Setup Wizard, you can also configure your extension following these steps:

  • After installing the Magento Extension, click ‘Back To Admin’ at the top of the Magento Connect Manager to return to your dashboard.
  • Click ‘Log Out’ in the upper right corner and then Log back in to your dashboard.
  • Once logged in, select System > Configuration from the navigation menu bar.
  • From the side menu on the left, select Ometria > Analytics Settings.
  • Ensure the selection for Enabled says ‘Yes’ (see image below).
  • Paste your Ometria Site ID into the provided field.
  • Click ‘Save Config’. Please ensure the site is working as expected.

2. Please ensure that you have your API Key, which is provided via an email from us or via the installation process screen. (This will be on stage 4 of the Installation process, see step 2 below).


Configure Role

  • Log in to your store's administration panel. From the navigation menu bar, choose System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles
    Note: For Magento versions older than 1.7, the menu will be simply System > Web Services > Roles

  • Click on Add New Role.

  • Name the new role 'Ometria' and click on Save Role. 
  • From the side menu on the left, select 'Role Resources'. Make sure that 'Resource Access' set to 'All'.

    OPTIONAL: You can also configure Resource Access to only make specific data accessible by selecting 'Custom' and then clicking on check-boxes next to the resource items.
    The list of resources required by the Ometria system is given below:
    • Shopping Cart > Shipping methods in shopping cart > Get list of available shipping methods
    • Shopping Cart > Payment methods in shopping cart > Get list of available payment methods
    • Shopping Cart > Products > Get list of products in shopping cart
    • Shopping Cart > Get total prices for shopping cart
    • Catalog > Product > Retrieve products data
    • Catalog > Product > Product Attributes > Get full information about attribute with list of options
    • Catalog > Product > Product Attributes > Attribute Sets
    • Catalog > Product > Product Attributes > Attribute Sets > List
    • Catalog > Product > Product Attributes > Get list of possible attribute types
    • Catalog > Product > Product Attributes > Retrieve attribute data
    • Catalog > Product > Product Images
    • Catalog > Category > Retrieve categories tree
    • Catalog > Category > Retrieve category data
    • Sales > Order > Order invoice > Retrieve invoice info
    • Sales > Order > Order shipments > Retrieve shipment info
    • Customers > Retrieve customer info
    • Customers > Addresses > Retrieve address info
    • Catalog Inventory > Retrieve stock data
    • Ometria API (please select all permissions inside this group) 
    • Core > Store > List of Stores (This option will only be visible if your Magento installation is 1.6 or newer. If it is visible, please tick the option)

  • Click on Save Role. 

Configure User

  • From the navigation menu bar, choose System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users
    Note: For Magento versions older than 1.7, the menu will be simply System > Web Services > Users

  • Click on Add New User
  • Fill out the form with the following data:
    User name
    First name
    Last name
    API Key
    (Your API Key)

  • Click on Save User.
  • From the side menu on the left, select User role.
  • Make sure the Ometria role is selected and click on Save User.