To sync contacts and segments between Ometria and a Mailchimp list.

The sync will occur periodically.

There are 2 types of syncs available: 

  • contact sync will sync contacts between Ometria and a Mailchimp list;
  • segment sync will sync a segment in Ometria to a static segment in a Mailchimp list.


Contact Sync

The contact sync is the operation that allows you to push and pull contacts between Ometria and the chosen Mailchimp list. We can configure the connection to do any combination of the following steps:

  • IMPORT NEW RECORDS: import contacts from the Mailchimp list that don't exist in Ometria;
  • IMPORT PULL FIELDS: update contacts that have changed in the Mailchimp list that haven't changed in Ometria - e.g. first name;
  • IMPORT UNSUBSCRIBES: unsubscribe people in Ometria when they unsubscribe in the Mailchimp list (if they exist in Ometria);
  • PUSH NEW RECORDS: push contacts that exist in Ometria but not on the Mailchimp list (by subscribing them);
  • PUSH UNSUBSCRIBES: unsubscribe contacts in the Mailchimp list when they unsubscribe in Ometria (if they exist);
  • PUSH PUSH FIELDS: update contacts in the Mailchimp list when they change in Ometria (if they exist) - e.g. if lifecycle status changes.

Ometria will not perform the initial push of contact records in Ometria to Mailchimp. When a new Mailchimp connection is enabled, Ometria will instead begin the push/pull sync of contacts, subscribers and unsubscribers to Mailchimp from this point in time going forward.

When the sync is enabled you do have the option to perform a one-off extraction of contact data from Ometria and add to Mailchimp however this is up to you to run and Ometria will not perform this automatically.

Note: Ometria used to send OM data fields below as part of the sync but this will no longer be the case as of 4th of July 2018:

  • Lifecycle stage (OM_STATUS)
  • Total lifetime spend (OM_LTV)
  • Number of orders (OM_ORDERS)
  • Date of last order (OM_DATE_LO)
  • Date of last visit (OM_DATE_LV)

Note: If you don't enable contact sync (or if PUSH NEW RECORDS is off) your contacts will not be pushed to MailChimp, and therefore any Segment Syncs you create might not match any contacts. In order to add contacts to a static segment in a Mailchimp list, they will have to be present in the list itself.

Note 2: Can we connect to more than one list?
Yes, but with caution. If we 'fully contact sync' (all the above options) two lists in Mailchimp, the two lists would end up the same, as the contacts would be imported from both lists then added to both lists. This can not be undone. In general, we can only PUSH NEW RECORDS to one list.  We can however PUSH UNSUBSCRIBES to more than one list without risk as it only unsubscribes contacts that already exist in the ESP's list. We can import contacts from more than one list. So as a general rule: If there are syncs to more than one Mailchimp list, only one of them can have PUSH NEW RECORDS. All other steps can be used in all syncs.

Segment Sync

The segment sync matches a subset of your Mailchimp list creating a static segment. This sync matches an Ometria segment with a Mailchimp static segment, provided the contacts exist in your Mailchimp list.


In Ometria, click Account (top right in the menu bar) > Settings and then Connections tab. From there you can add a new Mailchimp connection. You should get to this screen:

Here, you'll need to specify a title for the connection (internal to Ometria only) and your Mailchimp API key. If Ometria can successfully connect to Mailchimp with the given API key, you'll be able to chose the Mailchimp list for this connection:

Once you select the list, the connection becomes  Active. Data from Ometria can now be pushed to Mailchimp!

This is how an active Mailchimp connection looks like:

You probably should start by enabling the contact sync so that the Mailchimp list is populated with data from Ometria (click Enable Contact Sync button). You'll be prompted to choose the contact sync options (as described above):

You can also create segment syncs, remove existing connected segments or delete the Mailchimp connection.

Segment syncs can also be created in the Saved Segments dashboard, by clicking the down arrow next to the View button, chosing Sync and then enabling them on the following modal:

Error status

If Ometria can no longer connect with Mailchimp (eg, API key no longer valid) the connection might end up in an Error state in Ometria. 

From there you can:

  • Refresh status - update the connection status to see if it changed;
  • Delete connection