Under the Account tab on the top-right corner, you will find “Support”, “Logout” and “Settings”. 

The Settings menu will only be available to anyone who has the “administer account” permission.

Settings is split into four sections:

1. General Settings

General settings allows an administrator to change the timezone for all reports within the app, change the default URL for the web store, and change the currency formatting within email campaigns.

The default URL is used to calculate the URL of a product (for example in product recommendations scripts) - we will use the URL that is specified here.

In the currency formatting settings you can change the prefix, suffix, decimal point, number of decimal places and the thousands separator. Once again, this will not affect any of the reports within the tool, just the way currency is formatted in email campaigns that are sent by Ometria.

2. Users and permissions

Administrators will be able to create and delete account users in this tab. When creating a new user, the user will be notified via email to create a password and login into Ometria. The admin can also reset a user’s password.

Below is the list of different permissions you can grant users:

Administer accountAccess the settings menu and use all functionality
Can export dataUse the “export” button on supported dashboards
View automation campaignsView automation campaigns under the “campaigns” tab
Modify automation campaignsEdit automation campaigns
Publish automation campaignsPublish automation campaigns
View marketing statsView all marketing stats - that includes the “marketing dashboard” as well as the individual campaign reports
View customer detailsAccess the segment explorer and customer list view
View saved segmentsAccess the “saved segments” dashboard
Modify saved segmentEdit existing segments in the “saved segments”
View cohort reportAccess the “Cohort report” under the “reports tab”
View products reportAccess the “Product report” under the “reports tab”
View orders reportAccess the “Orders report” under the “reports tab”

3. Stores

You can modify the store display name and choose whether you want that store visible in the Ometria store selector for certain reports.

4. API Keys

This enables you to create or revoke Ometria API keys. This is not for 3rd party tools - for example ESPs - for which you will still need to enable via the Customer Success team.