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Magento is an ecommerce platform which provides online retailers with a shopping cart system and other functionality for your online store.

This article explains how to add the Ometria extension to your Magento 2 ecommerce platform, allowing you to automatically import your contacts, products and orders.

Ometria also supports integration with Magento 1.

Before you begin

First, install the Ometria extension Magento 2.

Details can be found in the README.md file of the github repository, available here.


Once you’ve installed the Ometria extension, you can begin configuring it.

In Magento, go to: Stores > Configuration:

Select Ometria from the left menu list and click on Analytics Settings.

Complete the fields in this screen:



Select Yes.

Ometria Site Identifier

These values will be provided to you by your customer success manager. 

Ometria API Private Key

Click Save Config. Your configuration is now complete.