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The Overview dashboard presents the general health of your ecommerce business through dynamic graphs.

This screen is split into three panels:

  • Ecommerce KPIs - All your ecommerce metrics in one place. 
  • Email Performance Overview - For analysing your Ometria email performance.
  • Customer Health Overview - For analysing the evolution of your customer base.

The Overview dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into Ometria. You can access it from anywhere in the platform by clicking Overview in the menu bar:

You can set your date range for reporting at the top of this screen:

Choose any of the pre-configured ranges, or apply a Custom Range by selecting from the coral drop-down list.

The grey date range is for comparison. 

The data in each of the panels on this screen can be exported to a CSV file by selecting Export.

Note: If you do not select a date range, the information displayed in the overview screen will be pulled from all of the information in your account. 

Ecommerce KPIs

The Ecommerce KPIs panel provides a quick view of all your key ecommerce metrics in one place.

Select the time period for your KPIs (key performance indicators) and the stores you wish to report on using the dropdown lists:

Next, select your KPIs:


Valid orders

Number of valid orders placed.

This figure can change over time if orders are refunded at a later date, and 'valid orders' always reflects the data your ecommerce store sends Ometria, and which order statuses you assign as valid.

E.g. some retailers choose not to count orders as valid until they are shipped.

Valid tracked orders

Number of valid tracked orders placed.

Valid tracked orders are orders made online, which JS tracking picks up and pushes to Ometria.

It's usual for this number to be lower than the number of 'Valid orders' for various reasons, e.g. orders placed through a call centre or in offline stores, would not be counted as 'tracked'.

Attempted orders

The total number of orders attempted - valid or not, including failed payments and refunds.

Total revenue

Total value from valid orders placed.

Total tax

Total amount of tax from valid orders placed.

Total shipping

Total shipping costs from valid orders placed.

Total discount

Total value of discounts on valid orders placed.

Total items sold

Total number of items sold within all valid orders.

Average order value

Average revenue per valid order placed.

Average items per order

Average number of items per valid order.

Visit conversion rate

Proportion of unique visits to your online store that have resulted in a tracked order being placed.

Ometria does not include untracked orders in this metric.


Total number of visits made to your online store. This number reflects all visits, not unique visits - e.g. if the same contact visits your site 4 times, it will count as four visits.

Page views

Total number of page views across all visits.

Note: The figures in the three 'visits' KPIs - Visit conversion rate, Visits and Page views, will never be an exact match for other tools like Google Analytics. 

The visits KPIs in Ometria are intended only for trend analysis and a high-level overview of how you are performing. 

For detailed visitor analytics (rather than customer analytics) and conversion metrics, we recommend you use a tool like Google Analytics.

See also: Why are my Ometria revenue figures different from Google Analytics?

The KPIs you select display as tabs above the graph. 

Select each tab to view the associated graph and hover over the value to see the detail:

Previous value provides a comparison for the date range preceding the range selected. 

E.g. if you selected the last 28 days as your date range, the Previous value is the value for the 28 days before that.

Email performance

This panel reports on your Ometria email performance using the following KPIs:



Total number of automation campaign emails sent.

Open rate

Proportion of automation campaign emails sent that have been opened at least once.


Total number of automation campaign emails sent that have been clicked at least once.

Click to open rate

Proportion of automation campaign emails opened that have been clicked.

Revenue from email

Total value of orders attributed to automation campaign emails.

Revenue per email

Average revenue per email generated from automation campaign emails.

You can choose to view performance metrics for:

  • All campaigns
  • Automation
  • Broadcast

Mouse-over the graph to view results for each date:

Customer health overview

This panel reports on the evolution of your customer base using the following KPIs:


Leads acquired

Number of new contacts acquired without placing an order.

Customers gained

Number of new customers who placed their first valid order.

Customers placed second order

Number of customers who placed their second valid order.

Customers became at risk

Number of customers who entered the 'at risk' lifecycle stage.

Customers lapsed

Number of customers who entered the 'lapsed' lifecycle stage.

Customers won back

Number of customers who placed an order after having lapsed.

Mouse-over the graph to view results for each date:

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