To aid retail marketers our General Counsel has produced a blog post which guides the reader through the issues that apply to re-permissioning from the perspective of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and GDPR.

Marketers can now send out broadcast re-permissioning campaigns in Ometria to specific customer segments. We have added a new click handler enabling you to add specific UTM parameters to any CTA/link in a broadcast campaign template. This click handler can be inserted into any broadcast template to confirm consumer consent and add all contacts who click a specific CTA/link to a segment in Ometria.

Note: once a recipient clicks a re-permissioning link this does not update the subscription timestamp displayed in Ometria and attached to a contact. After broadcast campaign recipients click the link and are added to a segment it is up to the marketer to decide how they want to treat these contacts.

Setup - required parameters

Click handler links can be generated by defining specific UTM parameters appended to individual links in a broadcast email template.

For example, you may like to edit a CTA or hero image link so contacts are added to a re-permissioning segment after a recipient clicks the link. 

Four UTM parameters need to be defined in a link for this to become a click handler and add contacts to a segment after it is clicked:

acc={{ email.account_hash }}

profile={{ profile.hash }}

email={{ email.to_email_address }}

consent="processing" OR "marketing" OR "processing,marketing"

The ‘consent’ parameter can used for defining the specific nature of the re-permissioning activity. 

Note: one of these options should be specified when adding the click handler to a broadcast template link:

processing”: for confirming opt in for data processing

marketing”: for confirming opt in for marketing

processing, marketing”: for confirming opt in for data processing and marketing 

By default, if a contact clicks a re-permissioning click handler they will be directed to the customer home page and will be automatically added to a static segment named ‘RECONSENT CLICKS’ in Ometria.

Note: both the redirection URL and static segment contacts are automatically added to can be configured using additional optional parameters. See: ‘Setup - optional parameters’.

Setup - Example re-permissioning URL with required parameters

An example re-permissioning click handler URL which could be added to a broadcast template for confirming opt in for both processing and marketing is as follows (required parameters highlighted):


Note: The required parameters should be defined in a broadcast template Link URL after the following prefix: https://api.ometria.com/trk/reconsent?

Setup - adding a re-permissioning links to your Broadcast campaigns

When building a broadcast campaign you can add click handler URLs when editing a broadcast template by select the Edit Template mode.

You can then select the desired region of the template and add the re-permissioning URL to the Link URL field.

For example, to add this to a hero image block you can do the following with all required parameters defined:

Setup - optional parameters

In addition to the four required parameters there are four optional parameters you can also define as follows:

segment= numeric ID of static segment (optional - add contacts to a different static segment to the default ‘RECONSENT CLICKS’)

url= redirection URL (optional - the URL to direct recipients to after the click event is processed. This defaults to the homepage of the retailer)

om_send=  (optional - this will be appended automatically via Ometria campaign sending)

om_campaign= (optional - this will be appended automatically via Ometria campaign sending

If a different static segment is defined using segment= contacts who click the link will be added to this segment (not ‘RECONSENT CLICKS’).

If a different redirection URL is defined using url= contacts who click the link will be directed to this URL after the click event is processed (not the homepage). 

The process for adding to your broadcast campaign template is the same as when adding required parameters, with the additional parameters adding to the Link URL in Edit template mode.

Setup - Example re-permissioning URL with optional parameters

An example click handler link for re-permissioning both processing and marketing, including optional parameters would be as follows (optional parameters in bold):


In this example, clicking the re-permissioning link will add the contact to segment 428 in Ometria and redirect the user to: https://blog.ometria.com/

If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact: support@ometria.com.