Ometria Ecommerce data API


The Ometria ecommerce data API is designed to allow retailers to push ecommerce data into the Ometria platform for further analysis. In this context, ecommerce data means product data and order (sales) data as well as contact and subscriber data.

Access methods

The Ometria API defines traditional REST endpoints for the main data objects we import (OrdersProducts and Contacts). We also define a push API that allows easier batch upload. For most use cases the push API will be simpler to work with.

Please see the API definition documentation or swagger definition.


In order to securely send requests to the Ometria API you will need to include the following HTTP header as part of the request:

X-Ometria-AuthOmetria API key as provided by the Ometria team

If you attempt to use an incorrect HTTP header, or an invalid key, you will receive a HTTP 403 (Forbidden) response.

CURL example:

curl -i -X POST -H 'X-Ometria-Auth: YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -d'[{YOUR_DATA}]' \


All requests to the Ometria API MUST be carried out via HTTPS. API servers do not listen on unsecured HTTP ports to avoid the possibility of insecure information exchange.

Message encoding

The Ometria ecommerce data API uses JSON encoding for all data exchanges and assumes UTF-8 character encoding throughout. Please ensure you send the correct Content-Type: application/json header.

Rate limits

The Ometria API has a default rate limit of 4 requests per second per account.

In the case of your application being rate limited, the HTTP code 429 (too many requests) will be returned. In this case your application should reduce the number of requests it is trying to send.

Note that the asynchronous push API also has a maximum of 50,000 asynchronous import records in its queue. If you attempt to push more than this number of records in a short timeframe, you will also receive the HTTP 429 status code until the overflow jobs are processed.