Email Development Introduction

Getting Started

There are three types of email campaign in Ometria; Broadcast, Automation and Transactional.

Blocks and Editable Regions

Editable Product Recommendations

Merge Tags

Template Logic

Product Selector


Email Templates

Broadcast templates

Broadcast campaign templates should be built with blocks and editable regions. This will allow the marketer to add, remove, alter, and re-order content (Blocks) inside of different areas of the email (Editable Regions) prior to sending the broadcast email. Following this approach will allow one template to be utilised on a wide variety of different campaigns without having to hard-code each template prior to sending.

Please click here for more information on Blocks and Editable Regions

Broadcast templates can be personalised to the recipient by using Ometria Merge Tags.

Automation templates

Automation campaigns are triggered by a specific activity (eg. abandoning a basket or subscribing to a newsletter). As such, the marketer does not have the ability to modify templates prior to each send. These templates will need to be build specifically for each campaign and will be personalised using Ometria Merge Tags.

Template logic

For both broadcast and automation templates there is the ability to add logic into the templates. Take a look at what logic is available.


See how you could utilise Merge Tags, Blocks, and Logic with some examples.