This doc explains how to retarget contacts on Facebook if they don't open their automated emails. 

Summarising the process:

  • add the non-openers to a static list
  • sync that list via FB
  • Remove contacts who have ordered as Facebook audience.

Detailed instructions explained below.

Facebook Sync in Automation Campaigns 

Step 1 

Check if you have Facebook Sync set up. 

You can do this by looking into Account > Settings > Connections, which lists all your connections and make sure there is an active Facebook connection set up. 

Step 2 

Redirect the non-openers from the automation flow. 

  • Go to your desired automation campaign, e.g. abandoned basket. At the end of your flow or after the last email node, click on 'Add condition' > 'Email activity' > 'Has opened the previous email'.

Fig 1: add condition for contacts who haven't opened their previous email to add them to another list to retarget. 

  • If 'Yes' leave the flow path as is, and for If 'No, 'Add action' > 'Add contact to a static list.'

Fig 2: Add non-openers to a static list  

  • Either add contacts to an existing list or create a new one e.g. ‘Abandon Basket Facebook Targeting’. Make sure to label your node as FB Target so you know what this part of the flow is for.
  • Next, click on the '+' sign and add a wait, e.g., 7 days. 
  • Then click on the following '+' sign to 'Add Action' > 'Remove contact from list'. The wait in between adding and removing the contacts from the list defines how long a contact passing through that node will stay in that list for (and be re-targeted as will be explained in the next step).

Fig 3: keep the non openers in the static list for a certain amount of time then remove from list

Step 3 

  • Go to your Saved Segments and look up the segment or list you added the contacts to  (non-openers) from the previous step. E.g. ‘Abandon Basket Facebook Targeting’. 
  • Once you locate it, select from the drop-down on the right hand side the ‘sync’ option and choose the Facebook sync(s) you wish to push to. 
  • Once you click 'Sync' a green ON indicator will display next to it. 
  • This segment will then appear in Facebook under your custom audiences. 

Fig 4: Locate the segment for non openers and click sync

Fig 5: Choose the Facebook sync (it might be called something else in your platform) and its indicator will turn green

Step 4 

Two important points to remember:

  • Once the wait time is over in the automation campaign defined in Step 3, contacts will be removed from the list being synced with and retargeted via Facebook, and therefore they will not be retargeted anymore. 
  • If the contact makes a purchase during that 'wait' while being retargeted through Facebook, they will leave the flow as your exit condition is defined as if the contact 'has placed an order' exit them from campaign. These contacts who made a purchase, will therefore leave the campaign but still be retargeted via Facebook because they remain in the list. 

To avoid those contacts being retargeted once they've exited the campaign, you will need to create an additional campaign to ensure contacts are immediately removed from the re-targeting list. 

Create the separate campaign as follows: 

● Trigger: contact has placed an order 

● Segment: Belongs to segment 'abandoned basket - non openers' (or whatever you called your segment) 

● Add action: Remove contact from the list. 

● Save and publish. This will remove any contact who have placed an order from that segment that is synced to Facebook. 

Fig 6: Create another flow to remove contacts, that have purchased and exited their original campaign, from the list being synced to Facebook.