Adding contacts clicking on different links to different static lists

Suppose you want to add people who click on a particular box to a particular list.

You need to set up two buttons each with a link that adds clickers to a specific segment. E.g. '30% off jeans' and '30% off dresses'. So you can later check how many contacts have entered into each segment/list and choose the winning segment.

The steps below allow you to make a dynamic button that when clicked:

  • Adds the contact to the defined static segment and/or
  • Redirects them to their preferences centre or another URL.

How to set up: 

  1. Create two static lists in the Saved Segments dashboard and note down their segment IDs
  2. Go to your template and create two CTA buttons in the Visual Editor. (place them wherever you need to or however your template allows you to.)

  3. Add links to each of them with the link format:{{email.account_hash}}&profile={{profile.hash}}&segment=X 
    Where is the segment ID for your chosen segment. For the 30% off dresses and 30% off jeans segment they are 4271 for one button and 4270 for the other. 

  4. If you want to direct the contact to a specific URL after clicking the button in the email add:
    &url=  after the segment ID in the URL.

    For example:{{email.account_hash}}&profile={{profile.hash}}&segment=4270&url=

    Clicking on this link will add the contact to list 4270 and redirect them to the link shown. Ideally, this would be the preferences centre page which would be created by your development team.

NOTE: The main limitation of this is that a contact could click on more than one button and enter multiple segments. Or they could click on the wrong button and enter into the wrong segment. 

If you want a link to redirect to a specific preference centre page, 

Append &followon_page=<page>

For example:{{email.account_hash}}&profile={{profile.hash}}&segment=56&followon_page=thanks


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket.