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This page describes how to add contacts that click on different links to different static segments.

E.g. You might want to add contacts who click on a particular box to a particular list.

To do this, you need to set up two buttons each with a link that adds clickers to a specific segment. 

E.g. 30% off jeans and 30% off dresses

This means you can track the number of contacts entering each segment and choose the winning segment.

Follow the steps below to create a dynamic button that:

  • adds the contact to the defined static segment, and/or;
  • redirects them to their preferences centre or another URL when clicked.


  1. Create two static segments in the Saved Segments dashboard and note down their segment IDs:
  2. Go to your template and create two CTA buttons in the Visual Editor
  3. Add links to each of your buttons using the link format: 
    1. https://api.ometria.com/trk/segment?acc={{email.account_hash}}&profile={{profile.hash}}&segment=X 
      is the segment ID for your chosen segment. 

E.g. For the '30% off dresses' and '30% off jeans' segments they are '5113'  and '5112'.

Re-directing contacts after clicking

If you want to direct the contact to a specific URL after clicking the button in the email, add:

&url=https://www.ometria.com/ after the segment ID in the URL.

For example:


Clicking on this link will add the contact to segment 5113 ('30% off dresses') and redirect them to the URL you entered - ideally, this would be the preferences centre page created by your development team.

Note: It's possible that a contact could click on more than one button and enter multiple segments, or they could click on the wrong button and enter into the wrong segment. 

If you want a link to redirect to a specific preference centre page, append &followon_page=<page>

For example:



The only way to test whether the 'add to segment' link is working is by sending a live test to yourself.

Testing previews does not work in this case, as the profile hash doesn't populate.