General Deliverability Questions

Question 1

What are the advantages & disadvantages of using a dedicated IP?


  • Your reputation is solely in your control.
  • No other sender can impact your reputation


  • Not targeting your sending to contacts that are engaged (Interacted within 6 months)  can result in a decreased reputation and deliverability issues. 
  • A more structured and carefully followed warm up plan is required as you have no reputation to utilise

Question 2

How many IPs will I get to use for sending with Ometria?

You will be assigned to an IP Pool which consists of 2 different IP addresses.

Question 3

Why should I allow 24 hours to analyse my campaigns performance?

Campaign performance typically takes up to 24 hours before the results stabilise. This is because emails can be delayed and are retried for upto 24 hours. 

Additionally, allowing 24 hours to determine performance gives recipients time to interact with the campaign and therefore shows a much more accurate reflection of engagement. 

Question 4

What is the difference between an ISP (Internet Service Provider) & MBP (Mailbox Provider)?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is an email receiver that providers a mailbox typically as a value add on for having purchased telecom/television services like broadband & satellite TV. Typical examples are and

A Mailbox Provider (MBP) are companies who providers mailboxes for free and their income is then generated from advertising revenue. Typical examples are, @hotmail. and @yahoo domains.

Question 5

Should I stick to sending to only 6 months of engaged contacts based on opens/clicks?

Yes, ISPs & MBPs generally identify an engaged contact as any email address that has shown positive engagement in the last 6 months. Engagement is a serious factor in your reputation and, therefore, when considering whether to place emails in the recipient's mailbox or spam folder after they have accepted the message.

Question 6

I want to continue contacting customers who have engaged up to a year ago, how can I do this?

We recommend segmenting your contacts who have engaged between 6-12 months ago and creating campaigns that focus on 're-activating' them. This could include more enticing offers and updates on your brand and your relevance to the recipient. Should you want to seek more detailed advice on reactivating your no longer engaged contacts, please speak to your Customer Success Manager about an Email Marketing Consultation. 

Question 7

What do I do if my campaign is not performing well?

We advise you raise a support ticket by emailing with all the details, such as the campaign ID and the specific issue you are experiencing. A Deliverability Analyst will investigate and identify the factors that may be contributing to your campaigns performance  and come up with a recommended solution. 

IP Warming 

Question 1

What is IP warming, and why is it important?

IP warming is the process of gradually increasing the email volume of the sender by sending to positively engaged recipients in order to build good reputation. This ensures the sender has the best possible delivery and deliverability rates.

Question 2

Do I have to stick rigidly to the IP warming plan, even if it is going well?

The IP warming plan is designed to offer the best approach to improving reputation based on various factors however, as with all plans, they may need some adjustment during execution. 

A planned segment can be skipped if the IP warming is going well, as long as the sending volume does not go 2.5x over the previous day's send volume. For example, you have sent to 5k recipients on day 1 building upto 9k on day 6, if day 5 had a delivery rate of 98% then you could skip to day 7 which has a volume of 11k.

Alternatively, where the plan is being followed but delivery is not improving as expected the plan may need to be revised to decrease send numbers or look into specific issues being seen. 

Should you have any questions regarding your IP warming plan, please contact

Question 3

In the ‘Total no. of contacts’ column in my IP warming plan some rows say “skip", what does this mean?

This means we will not be sending to this segment. This is to allow the warm up to be quicker.

Delivery and Inbox Placement

Question 1

Why are my emails going into the Promotions tab in Gmail?

It's important to remember that being in the 'Promotions' tab is not, in itself, a bad thing. In fact, that's exactly what your Marketing campaigns are supposed to be doing - promoting the brand and the products you sell to the recipient of the message.

Google moving your message into the Promotions (which they define as Deal, offers and other marketing messages) is a sign their filters understand your message and it's content correctly.

“Another thing to keep in mind is to not use your own Gmail inbox to test whether or not your emails are getting to your targeted audience. “Spamming yourself” will not work because you’re reading your messages. Everything is based on individual behaviour. So just because one person says they’ve gone to promotions, don’t expect that to be the case for everyone. Your email box, and your neighbours, and your colleagues, all tell Google that the stuff being opened by you is important. Only to you."