• Previously, a third-party tool like Olapic could not populate your emails with product images.
    (E.g. if a user abandons a basket, you couldn't send them an abandoned basket email populated by Olapic with images of the products they’ve abandoned.)
  • If you wanted to pull your product images from Olapic, this would have prevented you from sending great, visual emails. 


What’s New

  • We’ve added a few new merge tags to pull in the SKU of the product in the emails. 
  • This will allow you to: 
    • Place the URL for Olapic’s image source in a section in any of your HTML template
    • Include the product SKU merge tag in this URL
    • The Olapic URL will then pull that product image from a CGC folder in Olapic.
  • The following merge tags are added
    • {{ basket.products[x].sku }} 
    • {{ order.products[x].sku }} 
    • {{ visit.products[x].sku }}
    • {{ recommended_products[x].sku }}

See description of each in Merge Tag documentation.