What is the variants waterfall?

The variants waterfall in Broadcast Campaigns is the visual representation of your recipient segments and how they are split. Each variant represents a customised campaign (including split tests). 

As you add variants, the segments cascade down and right across the screen, like a waterfall.

Note: We do not recommend using dynamic segments for broadcast campaigns as they will not refresh at the point of sending. Instead, create your segments directly in the broadcast builder.

How to use the waterfall

In the ‘Recipients’ screen, the panel on the left is for setting up your campaign. 

You can define your starting contacts (i.e. the group of customers you wish to send the campaign to) and apply any exclusions.

Once these parameters are set, it’s fine to simply send your campaigns to these contacts.

To break down your audience even further, you can use the waterfall feature which allows you to send and report on campaigns for different customer groups within the selected parameters.

Mutual exclusivity is ensured, meaning that a contact cannot appear in more than one variant. If you have a contact that qualifies for multiple variants, they will enter the first one (or top variant) that they qualify for - this means it's best to order your variants by priority from top to bottom.

Example: Send to customers based on purchase behaviour related to brands

To target your campaign at customers who have purchased specific brands, first define your starting contacts and apply exclusions (if required). 

It’s fine to use all segments as your starting contacts group.

Next, create a customer segment by clicking the  icon, and selecting Filter Customers. Then use the following conditions:

  • Select: ‘Everyone’ who match ‘ALL’ of these blocks
  • + ADD CONDITION > Purchase Activity: Has placed an order that matches…
  • + ADD CONDITION > Order includes product with attribute > Which is one of: Category

Select your categories (i.e. brands to include). Click APPLY FILTER.

Create another segment for another brand by selecting the (+) icon below the first segment and apply that too.

You now have two customer segments which display as tiles. These represent your variants. 

Double-click the tile header to name them.

The ‘Campaign Structure Preview’ panel on the right of the screen shows a breakdown of estimated recipients:

To add split tests to your segments (creating further variants) select the (+) icon to the right of your segment and select either ‘Create Test’ or ‘Split Test With Winner’.

Don’t forget!

  • It’s ideal to name each split as you go, e.g ‘UK SL split test 1’.
  • We recommend using no more than 15 segments for a Broadcast Campaign.