+Default is the first tab in the Broadcast Campaigns ‘Content’ screen.

From the Default tab you can set your template, subject line and/or preheader - and if you do not make any changes to the variant tabs (i.e. if you leave them unedited), then the variants will automatically copy this information.

Additionally, the Default tab is where you set up campaigns with only a single variant.

  • If the Default tab and the variant tabs are left blank, the campaign cannot be sent.
  • If only the Default has been edited (i.e. has a template, subject line or preheader), the default will be sent to all variants.
  • If the Default is left blank and the variant field is edited, the variant field is sent.
  • If the Default and the variants field has been edited, the variant field will be sent.


The default tab is useful if you are sending exactly the same email to each variant, with the aim to report on different segments (i.e. without personalisation). In this case you can just define your variants in the Recipients screen and proceed without making any changes to your variant tabs. 

If you are running split tests on same email and only plan to change one small thing for each, you can:

  • Set up pre-header and template in the default tab.
  • Enter the subject line to be tested in each variant tab

Alternatively, for a subject line split test you can set up the template and preheader in the default tab, then add the differing subject lines to each variant tab.