Zapier is a tool that connects one app (e.g. Facebook) to a second app (e.g. Ometria) to automate actions based on a trigger in the first app. These triggers are called ‘zaps’.

For example, you can create a zap which connects Facebook Lead Ads with Ometria, so that every time a new lead is picked up by Facebook Lead Ads (the trigger) a new contact is created in Ometria (the action). You can also update existing contacts’ details and add them to static segments.

More help is available from Zapier here


Zapier offers a free account for basic use, however, Zapier will charge a small fee for more complex use cases. Please see their price plans for further information. 


1. Log into your Zapier account and select Make a Zap!

2. Select your trigger - in this example Facebook Lead Ads.

Note: Ometria does not currently offer a trigger app, as you cannot export data from Ometria to any other app through Zapier.

3. Select your trigger event, i.e. the event which will create an action in Ometria. Then click Continue

You will be prompted to choose your Facebook account and sign in. 

Select the relevant Facebook page as well as the form you’d like to pull information from: 

4. In the next step, choose the app (Ometria) and select an action to perform. In this case, when a new lead is identified in Facebook it will trigger the creation of a new contact in Ometria. 

You also have the option to trigger the merging of an existing contact, updating their details, and adding contacts to segments. See step 5.

5. Select Continue, choose your Ometria account, then select Continue again. 

The ‘Customize Contact’ fields display. In this step, you can customise the data that you want to send to Ometria.

Most of the fields are optional - use as many or as few as you like.

Email Address (Required)The new contact’s email.
Subscription StatusSelect whether or not to subscribe the new contact.
If you leave this field blank the contact's subscription status will not change.
Add to StaticSelect a segment to add the new contact to.
You can select multiple segments.
Customer IDThe contact's unique ID (if applicable).
Please see our API documentation for more details.
TitleThe new contact’s title, e.g. Mr, Ms, Dr, etc.
First NameThe new contact’s first name.
Middle NameThe new contact’s middle name.
Last NameThe new contact’s last name/surname.
GenderThe new contact’s gender.
Phone NumberThe new contact’s telephone number.
Date of BirthThe new contact’s birth date.
Custom Contact FieldAny Ometria custom contact field.
To use this field you will need to enter the field ID in the first field.
You can request this ID from support@ometria.com

6. Once you’ve customised your fields, you can perform a quick test.

If the test is successful, the message below displays:

It’s also worthwhile checking that the test has been sent to Ometria in the segment explorer

7. If you are happy with your zap, you can turn it on by selecting the switch at the bottom of the screen:

Once your Zap is turned on, Zapier will run your action steps each time your trigger event occurs. 

You can view a log of all your Zap activity, including all the data that goes in and out of each of your Zap steps, in your Task History.