The new user interface (UI) for Broadcast Campaigns is now live for all customers!


Previously, when you wanted to send broadcast campaigns to multiple variants, you had to create multiple almost identical campaigns from scratch, tweaking them only slightly each time. 

This was a time consuming and inefficient process. 

The new Broadcast Campaign UI simplifies this task by gathering everything in one place. Now you can quickly:

  • Separate your audience into multiple mutually exclusive segment variants
  • Create personalised content for each variant
  • Select independent delivery options for each variant

What’s new?

See: Broadcast Campaign Builder (New) for a full guide to the new UI.

  • Variants Waterfall - This is a visual representation of the recipient segments and how they are split. Each variant represents a customised campaign. As you add variants and splits, the segments cascade down and right across the screen, like a waterfall. See: Broadcast Campaigns: Variants Waterfall for more information.
  • Blueprints - These are pre-configured recipient waterfalls (i.e. with the segments and variants already defined) which can be selected and applied to a new broadcast campaign. They are essentially recipient waterfall templates.
  • HTML Templates - Customers can now select from their HTML templates in the ‘Templates’ screen.
  • Copy to variants - This time saving new feature gives customers the option to apply their template, subject line and content created in the Default tab across as many variants as the customer selects.
  • Send Tests - Customers can now send tests for multiple (or all) variants at once. See our quick guide on sending tests for more information.