Following the new Broadcast Campaigns UI launched earlier this month, we’ve had some fantastic feedback from our clients, and have been hard at work making improvements based on your suggestions.

You asked for:

  • The ability to delete the Broadcast Campaigns that were drafted in the old interface 
  • An easier way to manage your blueprints
  • Clearer information on changing templates in the ‘Content’ tab, where it was easy to accidentally discard work

What’s new?

Delete old drafts

It’s now easy to delete broadcast campaigns that were drafted in the old user interface.

From the ‘Draft’ tab in 'New Broadcast Campaigns’, locate an ‘Old broadcast campaign’ (labelled in grey), select the dropdown arrow and click ‘Delete’:


You can now delete your blueprints if they are no longer useful or were created in error.

In the 'Recipients' tab of the Broadcast Campaign builder, select APPLY BLUEPRINT to bring up the full list of blueprints. Then just click the ‘trash’ button to delete any item from the list.

Note: Be aware that this action is irreversible. If you delete a blueprint you can’t get it back! 

‘Change template’ warning

Before, when you selected CHANGE TEMPLATE on a variant which already had a template applied, the original template would be discarded without warning. 

This caused confusion and potentially led to some users losing their work. 

To make things clearer, we’ve added a warning message which displays if you select CHANGE TEMPLATE on a variant which already has a template applied:

You then have the option to KEEP or DISCARD your original template.

See Broadcast Campaign Builder (New) for a full guide to the new UI.