This guide explains how to preview your coupon code/template by sending a test email.

You can follow this procedure for previewing coupon codes in either automation campaigns or broadcast campaigns.


For broadcast campaigns:

Campaigns > Broadcast Campaigns > select your campaign > Content tab

Select the ‘Preview’ tab in the panel on the left:

For automation campaigns:

Campaigns > Automation Campaigns > Add Action: Send email > Edit this send

The ‘Editing send node template’ screen displays. Select the ‘Preview’ tab in the panel on the left:


From the Preview tab, scroll down and select EDIT RAW:

The ‘Edit profile data’ window displays. You can enter your parameters here.

To test with coupons loaded via CSV or the Magento/Shopify extension, we’ve used the field coupon_code:

Select SAVE.

Now you can use {{email.coupon_code}} in your email template and it will pull the code you entered to display in the preview:  

Next, send your test(s) as usual.