Following the new Broadcast Campaigns UI launched last month, we’ve continued to gather feedback from our users, and have been hard at work making improvements based on your suggestions.

Note: Our old Broadcast Campaigns builder was switched off on 31st October 2019.

What’s new?

Improved user experience in scheduling 

If your campaign or any of its variants contain errors which prevent scheduling, the SCHEDULE button displays as inactive, with the option to select ‘Save & Exit’ from the drop-down:

Text previews

The ‘Text Preview’ option from our old broadcast campaign builder is back! 

Go to the 'Review' tab on any broadcast campaign and select TEXT VERSION

This is great for customers who want to check their links before sending:

Pausing broadcast campaigns

When a broadcast campaign is paused, you cannot edit the variants waterfall (in the ‘Recipients’ tab). 

You’ll be notified by the banner at the top of the screen:

In the ‘Delivery’ tab of a paused campaign, you can edit the tracking parameters and email settings, but not the delivery method:

You can still edit everything in the 'Content' screen while you campaign is paused. 

Paused broadcast campaigns are in the Scheduled screen in Broadcast Campaigns.