It’s easy to quickly export the contacts in an Ometria segment.

You can export to a CSV file, or to XLSX (optimised for Excel).

Be aware that there is a download limit of 1 million rows. To download a file with more than 1 million rows, contact your customer success manager.


From Segment Explorer, choose your saved segment from the ‘Showing data for’ drop-down menu.

Select the CONTACTS tab, then select EXPORT:

Export Report

The Export Report pop up displays:

Enter a name for your report (if you like) and select the format, then select EXPORT.

Your export begins generating. The time this takes depends on the number of contacts in the segment. 

Remember that the download limit is 1 million rows - speak to your customer success manager for further help if required.

Once your export is complete and ready for download, a bell icon displays by the EXPORTS menu:

Select the menu to access your exports and download: