If you are a Shopify user, you have the option to highlight discounted products in your campaigns using the Shopify's 'compare_at_price' field, which maps to Ometria's {{ group[n], original_price }} merge tag.

Click here for a full list of merge tags available in Ometria.

How does it work?

The merge tag {{ group[n], original price }} can be used to display the original price of a discounted/sale product.  

E.g. ‘Was £12.99, now £6.99’. 

{{ group[n], price }} still pulls through the product’s discounted or sale price (where available). 


Ometria merge tagShopify fieldExample

{{ group[n], original price }} 


T-Shirt was £12.99

{{ group[n], price }}


T-shirt is now £6.99

Note: {{ group[n], original_price }} only returns a value when there is a discount.