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A coupon is an alpha-numeric code which allows customers to receive some benefit when making a purchase - e.g. 20% off the listed price, or buy one get one free. 

In Ometria you can create pools of your coupons, then insert coupons from any of your pools into your automation campaigns.

When used effectively, coupons can help drive customer loyalty and conversion. For example, you could create a coupon pool to reactivate lapsed customers.

Additionally, drawing from a coupon pool in an email node means that you don’t need to manually enter static codes in emails - which carry the risk of being shared online.

Note: Coupon codes (from both static and dynamic pools) can only be used in automation campaigns. If you want to use coupon codes in your broadcast campaigns, please contact support@ometria.com

Static pools and dynamic pools

Static pools

Static pools are not automatically generated. The coupons in a static pool are uploaded via a CSV or excel file. There is no fixed format for these coupons.

However, it is crucial to monitor the remaining coupons, as static coupon pools are finite (they can run out). Ometria’s team will notify you when your coupon pool is running low. 

You can upload coupons via CSV or Excel file to the same pool as many times as you like.

If a contact is sent a code from a static pool, the email does not have to be open or delivered in order to deplete the pool, as they are already considered ‘used’ at the time of sending.

Dynamic pools

Dynamic coupon pools are only available to users with Magento or Shopify as their ecommerce platform. 

Coupons in dynamic pools are automatically generated based on the rules created in your ecommerce platform. 

Dynamic coupon pools don’t run out, as they are not dependent on a finite list. They are generated when added to automation campaigns.

Note: If you are a Shopify user and are using multiple importers into a single account, you won't be able to use Ometria's dynamic coupon pool feature.

Both static and dynamic coupons are pulled from their pools when sending an email. For dynamic pools, you can choose to limit the coupons generated in your ecommerce platform.

See create and edit coupon pools.

Go to: Campaigns > Coupon Pools

The Coupon Pools dashboard displays:

From here you can upload coupons to existing pools, edit your pools, or create a new one.

Your existing coupon pools are listed on this screen, with the following information:

Pool nameThe name you created for the pool.
Pool typeTells you if the pool is dynamic or static.
RemainingShows the remaining number of coupons in a static coupon pool.
This field does not apply to dynamic pools.
AssignedShows the number of coupons used or attached to a sent email.

% Remaining

Shows the percentage of remaining coupons in a static coupon pool.
This field does not apply to dynamic pools.
  • EDIT
Select either button to upload coupons to the pool or edit the coupon pool.