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In Ometria you can create pools of your coupons, then insert coupons from any of your pools into your automation campaigns.

This page explains how to create and edit your coupon pools.

Note: Coupon codes (from both static and dynamic pools) can only be used in automation campaigns. If you want to use coupon codes in your broadcast campaigns, please contact support@ometria.com

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Dynamic coupon pools

If you use Magento or Shopify as your ecommerce platform, you can create dynamic coupon pools in Ometria.

Note: If you are a Shopify user and are using multiple importers into a single account, you won't be able to use Ometria's dynamic coupon pool feature.

Dynamic pools are not suitable for broadcast campaigns, you should only use them in automation campaigns.

In order to set up your dynamic pool, you'll need the importer's sales rule ID.

Importer sales rule ID

When creating dynamic coupon pools in Ometria via Shopify or Magento, you will need the importer’s sales rule ID.

Magento users should use the ‘cart price rule’. See the following links for more information:

Shopify users can follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Shopify account and navigate to: Discounts > Codes
  2. Configure your discount code, including rules, and select Save Discount to create your voucher pool.
  3. Click into the discount code you want to use in Ometria and check the URL. The unique ID following ‘discount/’ is your price rule ID.
  4. Copy the ID and enter it in the relevant field (see below) when setting up your coupon pool in Ometria.


Create a dynamic pool

To create a new pool, select NEW DYNAMIC POOL.

To edit an existing pool, simply select the EDIT button against the pool you wish to change. 

The editable fields are described below.

The 'Create dynamic coupon pool' displays:

Complete the fields as follows:

TitleName your dynamic coupon pool.
Magento/Spotify Sales Rule IDEnter your sales rule ID from your ecommerce platform.
Magento Coupon Expiry In DaysMagento users only.
Enter an expiry period for your coupons, e.g. 30 days.
This will begin counting down from the time the automation campaign with a code from this coupon code is sent.
Prefix(Optional) Enter a prefix for your coupon codes.
A preview displays to the right of the screen which reflects any changes you make.
LengthDefine the length of numbers/characters which follow the prefix of your coupon code.
Add a dash everySpecify where to place dashes in the code.

Select CREATE POOL to save and create your dynamic coupon pool. 

Static coupon pools

To create a new static coupon pool, select NEW STATIC POOL

To edit an existing pool, simply select the EDIT button against the pool you wish to change. 

The editable fields are described below.

The ‘Create static coupon pool’ screen displays.

Enter a unique title for your new pool, then select CREATE POOL.

The new pool displays in your ‘Coupon Pools’ screen:

Select UPLOAD to start adding coupons to your pool. 

You can upload via excel or CSV file. 

Coupon file upload specifications

  • Your file cannot be larger than 10MB, and should comprise only 1 column, labelled ‘coupon_code’.
  • Codes must be no longer than 64 characters, with no spaces.
  • A list of approx. 1 million 7 character codes is around 10MB.

Once you've selected and uploaded your file, the following success message displays:

You can edit a static pool’s name by selecting EDIT at any point.

Monitoring static coupons

As static coupons are uploaded as a finite list, it’s important to monitor them - especially if you use coupons frequently. 

If your static coupon pool runs out, your recipients will receive error messages in place of coupons.

Ometria’s support team will get in touch with you when one of your coupon pools is running low.