Once you have created a coupon pool, you can insert it in any automation campaign email.


Go to: Campaigns > Automation Campaigns

Add a coupon to an automation campaign  

Select the campaign you wish to add coupons to from the dashboard and open the Automation campaign builder’ screen. 

Select the send email node which you want to add a coupon to, and click the ‘Configure’ cog.


The ‘Send email’ balloon displays:

Select your coupon pool from the ‘Coupon Code’ drop-down list.

Note: For all other fields in the ‘Send email’ balloon, see New Automation Campaign - Action: Send Email

Next, select your template and click EDIT THIS SEND to open the visual editor

Select the block you want your coupon code to display in.

  • If your template already has a coupon block set up, you can use that. There’s no need to enter the merge tag; it will already be there. 
  • Otherwise, you can use any text block and follow these steps:

Paste the merge tag {{ email.coupon_code }} in the EDIT TEMPLATE tab, wherever you want the code to display. 

The text which displays in your template appears in white in the HTML editor, so you can quick find the right place for your voucher code.

In the example below, we’ve added ‘Save 50% with the code: {{ email.coupon_code }}’ at the end of the text in the left block: 

Once you’re happy with your changes, select SAVE & APPLY.

You’re returned to your ‘Automation campaign builder’ screen, with the ‘Send email’ ballon still open. 

Select SAVE to finalise.