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Once you’ve created and saved a recommendation engine, you are ready to use it in a campaign template using the recommended product HTML block. 

This works differently depending on the type of campaign:

  • For automation campaigns, you add the HTML block in the template and define the recommendation engine in the send node of the campaign flow. Recommendation product images for automation campaigns are generated at the time of send.
  • For broadcast campaigns, you add the HTML block and define the recommendation engine in the template. Recommendation images for broadcast campaigns are generated when the contact opens the email. 

Add the product recommendation block to the template

Go to Campaigns > Templates

From the ‘Templates’ screen, either create a new template or edit an existing one.

The visual editor displays.  

From the ADD BLOCKS tab in the left-hand panel, scroll down to locate your ‘Recommended Products’ block:

Select ADD BLOCK or drag and drop to insert your block into your template:

SAVE your changes.

Adding product recommendations to an automation campaign


Go to Campaigns > Automation Campaigns


Select the campaign you'd like to add your product recommendation to and click EDIT.

From the automation flow, choose a send node and select 'Configure':

The 'Send email' balloon displays. 

Select your product recommendation from the dropdown:

Click SAVE, then either continue editing your flow, or SAVE that too. 

You can apply different recommendations to each send, if desired. 

Adding product recommendations to a broadcast campaign

From the campaign template, click on the product recommendations block in the template, or select the ‘EDIT TEMPLATE’ tab in the left-hand panel to select your recommendation engine:

A preview of your selected engine displays in the template.

Click EDIT next to the dropdown to return to the Recommendation Engine screen and edit your recommendation engine.

If you like, you can further define which contacts will see this block by selecting the cog icon on the block to access the following fields:

Show block only for contacts in lifecycle statusSelect from:
  • Everyone
  • Lead
  • Active
  • At risk
  • Lapsed
Show block only for contacts with lifetime value (CLV)Define either a minimum or maximum customer lifetime value (CLV) for contacts to see this block.
Show block only for contacts in this segmentSelect a segment to:
  • exclude from seeing the block ('not in'), or;
  • to exclusively display the block to ('in').

Select SAVE.