Save time and get started with broadcast campaigns as quickly as possible by using our three ready made blueprints to segment your contacts and create instant variant waterfalls.

What’s new?

From the broadcast campaigns builder’s  ‘Recipients’ tab, select APPLY BLUEPRINT from the left hand panel:

Our ready made blueprints are:

  • Lifecycle Stage - This is great for reactivation campaigns, launching new products and identifying and targeting your leads.
  • Customer Frequency - Very useful for reporting - for example, if you launch the sale of a new product you can identify whether you’re getting more interaction from your one-time shoppers or loyal customers.
  • Customer Value - Another great strategy for reporting - see if your VIPs are interacting with campaigns for your new product lines. 

The Ometria blueprints display at the top of the blueprints list:

These blueprints cannot be deleted, but you can make changes to the segments/conditions of an Ometria blueprint and then save it for future use by clicking SAVE NEW.