The Mention Me newsletter integration allows you to receive details about prospective customers (here called the 'referee') who have opted-in to receive your newsletter whilst claiming their introductory referral offer. 

This means you can create a dedicated welcome email cycle for customers who’ve been referred by a friend. 

The integration works by automatically importing referral data into Ometria, removing the need to upload manually via CSV. 

Before you begin

  • You'll need admin access assigned to your Ometria account - contact support@ometria.com for more help.
  • Contact support and ask them to add the following fields to the back end of your account:
Field ID
mention_me_referee_reward_expiry_dateReferee's reward expiry dateDate
mention_me_referee_coupon_codeReferee's coupon codeString
mention_me_referee_rewardReferee's rewardString
mention_me_referrer_firstnameReferrer's first nameString
mention_me_reward_currencyReward currencyString
mention_me_segmentMention Me segmentString
mention_me_source_localeMention Me source localeString

Note: Mention me will also pass the referee_email_address to the default Ometria contact.email field. This field is used to identify the contact.

Setup steps

  1. In Ometria, go to Settings and select the 'API KEYS' tab. Create a new API key.
  2. Send the API key to the Mention Me team via the 'Secure File Transfer' section in the Mention Me client portal.
  3. Provide Mention Me with the ID of a segment you want to add your subscribers to. You can find your segment IDs in Saved Segments. Note: Mention Me now supports multiple segment IDs.
  4. The Mention Me team will confirm with you that setup is complete. You can then tests that the fields are being populated in Ometria.

What next? 

You are now ready to start using the Mention Me newsletter opt-in data in Ometria.

We recommend creating a dedicated welcome email campaign for these contacts, acknowledging that they have been referred by a a friend and prompting them to use their introductory reward.

To do that, create an automation campaign without a wait time and segment your contacts as follows:

Select 'everyone' who match ALL of these blocks:

Customer belongs to segment 'which is' '[your Mention Me static segment]'