You can add merge tags to the subject lines of your broadcast campaigns to personalise the experience for your customers. 

For example, {{ profile.firstname }}  pulls through the recipient’s first name, e.g. ‘John’.

These tags must be entered correctly, or they will not pull the right information from Ometria's database, resulting in incorrect or empty subject lines.  

What’s new?

We’ve added validation to the subject line to check that your merge tags (as well as any ‘if’ conditions you’re using, e.g. {% if … %} ) are correct and will work in the way you expect them to.

Navigate to Broadcast Campaigns and either select an existing campaign or create a new one.

Set up your recipients as usual, then click through to the CONTENT tab, where you can enter your 'Subject'. 

If you use an incorrect merge tag in this field and click SAVE, an error message displays at the bottom of the screen:

The message reads:

‘Subject line validation failed with the following error: 

Jinja validation failed [Line x, Column x] expected variable end'

Note: Jinja is the language Ometria uses to read merge tags and other conditions. This part of the message is for debugging purposes.