A contact's lifecycle in Ometria has four stages:

Lifecycle stageDescription (defaults)
LeadThe contact has placed no orders yet, regardless of their subscription status.
ActiveThe contact has placed at least one order within the past 182 days.
At riskThe contact has placed an order between 182 and 385 days ago.
LapsedThe contact has not placed an order for at least 385

You can check an individual contact's lifecycle status via the Segment Explorer.

Select the Contacts tab and choose 'Lifecycle stage' from the Columns filter:

The stage displays in the table:

To see an individual customer's lifecycle stage, as well as their predicted 'at risk' or 'lapsed' date, select a contact from the list and check their profile.

Scroll down in the Overview tab to see their Important milestones:

You can also see your customer lifecycle stages in:

Note: You can now filter customers and contacts based on changes to their lifecycle status, e.g. an active customer about to become at risk, or a customer who lapsed recently. See: 2019-12 Release: New Customer Filter options 

See also: Customer frequency bands in Ometria