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You can see a customer profile by going to: Segment Explorer > Contacts, and then clicking a contact:

The customer profile screen displays:

From an individual customer profile you can see:

  • Activity and important milestones
  • Latest orders
  • Recently viewed
  • Attribute affinity
  • Lifecycle status

Customer country

The 'Country' field is based on the following (in priority order - once Ometria finds a country, it will use this and won't move on to the next step):

  1. Contact data supplied by you, e.g. via CSV upload, in which the country id is specified. 
  2. The billing address for any transactions made by the contact. 
  3. The IP address associated with the contact's most recent visit to your site. 

If Ometria cannot determine the country through any of the above steps, it will display as 'Unknown'.

Video guide