There was no quick way to see how much of your revenue is generated by Ometria.

You could view metrics for your automation campaigns in the KPI dashboard, but not broadcast. 

What’s new?

We have improved the KPI dashboard in the Overview screen, giving you the option to see a performance overview of:

  • All campaigns
  • Automation
  • Broadcast

With these metrics all in one place, you can see the KPIs for your Ometria campaigns at a glance.

In the Overview screen, select a date range and then scroll down to the ‘Email performance’ panel:

Select either Automation, Broadcast or All campaigns for a combined view. 

The performance metrics are based on the date range selected at the top of the screen:


Number of sends

The total number of emails sent.

Number of opens

The total number of emails sent that have been opened at least once.

Number of clicks

The total number of emails sent that have been clicked at least once.

Click to open rate

The percentage of emails which have been opened and clicked.

Orders from email

Total value of orders attributed to Ometria campaigns.

Revenue from email

Average revenue per email generated from Ometria campaigns.

Note on broadcast metrics

You should expect to see differences between the revenue data shown in the Email Performance dashboard and the data in Campaign Performance > Broadcast campaigns.

This is because the Broadcast campaigns performance report selects campaigns sent within the selected date range, meaning that revenue earned in the same time period from campaigns sent before the date range will not be included.

The Email Performance dashboard, however, shows all revenue earned within the selected date range, regardless of when the campaign was sent.