Price drop campaigns are a great way to let your customers know that products they’ve viewed on your site before are now available at a discounted price.

What’s new?

In Ometria you can now trigger automation campaigns to send when a product a contact has viewed (but not purchased) drops in price.

If a recorded change in price meets the minimum percentage price drop set in the campaign trigger, then contacts who have browsed but not purchased the product in the past six weeks will enter the flow.

A contact’s entry can only be triggered by one product, and price drop campaigns will only include one product in the email. If the contact has viewed multiple products without purchasing in the last six weeks then Ometria selects the product which has the highest price after the price drop.

Contacts can be entered into the campaign multiple times for multiple products by using the re-entry condition.

We’ve also added a new template block and some new merge tags specifically for price drop campaigns.

See: Create a price drop automation campaign for more information.