We want you to be able to start building new campaigns in Ometria right away, whether you are a brand new user, an experienced user looking for inspiration, or simply want a quicker way to start sending.

We also want to ensure you have everything you need to create the core automation journeys to delight and engage your customers. 

What’s new?

We now offer automation blueprints - out-of-the-box automation campaign templates which you can use as a starting point to create quicker campaigns with less effort.

Use in combination with our powerful segmentation and personalisation capabilities to achieve your retention marketing goals.

Don’t forget! The customer success team is always on hand to support you where needed. 

Go to Campaigns > Automation Campaigns and select Create new campaign

The automation blueprints options display:

If you want to start building your own automation flow, just click Create a new campaign for a blank canvas to work from. 

When using a blueprint, simply select the type of campaign you want to create and customise with your own email templates, add customer segmentation and configure your wait times and re-entry condition (if required). 

The following blueprints are available:

Welcome campaigns

Welcome emails are an opportunity to encourage your customers to align with your brand and its story. 

These campaigns introduce new contacts to your core values (key selling points) and can lead them to make the first purchase of many.

Abandon basket campaigns

This type of campaign encourages customers that have left items in their basket before checking out to come back and complete their order with you, and possibly further increase by up-selling or cross-selling an alternative suggestion.

Browse abandonment campaigns

Reach out to customers who have left part-way through their online shopping journey.

This is a simple and effective way to remind customers of what they have been looking at; you can encourage them to make a purchase or continue browsing on site. 

Post repeat purchases campaigns

Post-purchase campaigns are an opportunity to keep customers engaged after they’ve bought something – whether that’s encouraging a follow-up purchase, asking them to leave feedback or providing helpful aftercare content.

At-risk campaign

Also known as a ‘win-back campaign’ - if you have customers at risk of lapsing, this kind of campaign is a great way to revive that relationship. 

Try including a perk that is specific to the customer and make them feel valued, encouraging them to spend.

More about automation campaigns: