There are several reasons why a particular contact has not received a specific automation campaign, and before digging further you can run through this checklist to see what might have prevented them receiving it:

1. The email has been sent, but the contact has not received, seen or opened it

Check that the email has been sent by going to Campaign performance and selecting the relevant campaign:

Next, select the Activity tab and check the Status column to see if the email was delivered:

2. Is the contact opted-in to receive marketing?

Check that the contact has agreed to receive marketing emails by going to their profile.

Subscription status displays in the top left panel of the screen:

If the contact’s subscription status is Unsubscribed, they will not receive emails from you.

If the contact’s subscription status is No preference, then they are normally not eligible to receive marketing emails from you. If you want to find out in what circumstances they might be able to receive emails, please speak to your CSM.

3. Does the contact meet the requirements for the campaign segmentation?

Check the segmentation set up in the campaign, either in the automation flow itself, or from Segment explorer.

Confirm that the contact meets the conditions for the segment. 

Be aware that segments used in automation campaigns refresh every six hours, so if the contact did not meet the segment conditions more than six hours ago, they will not have entered the campaign. 

For example, if you had set an email to trigger once a day, then the contact will not enter the campaign until the following day.

4. Does the campaign have an exit condition?

Check the campaign flow for any exit conditions which might have caused the contact to leave the flow. 

For example, if you have an exit condition which triggers when a contact places an order, the contact will drop out of the campaign once they’ve ordered, and won’t receive any follow ups. 

5. Do you have rate limiting set up?

Check your Email settings to see if there is a maximum limit for emails sent over 24 hours or 7 days:

Note: Only users with administrator permissions can view and edit these settings. 

If contacts can only receive one automation email per 7 days, this may be the reason your contact has been disqualified from receiving this email.

6. Do you have mutual exclusivity set up for the campaign?

Ometria has a number of options available to ensure mutual exclusivity, i.e. to prevent your contacts from entering campaigns if they are already active in others, therefore stopping them from receiving too many emails from you. 

Check your mutual exclusivity by going to the automation campaign flow and selecting Settings.

For more information on how automation campaigns work, please refer to these help documents: