Earlier this year we released the email block background and text colour pickers, which allow you to choose and customise the background colour and text colour of individual template blocks in the visual editor.

As part of our continued improvements to block customisation, you can now change set the background and text colours for all blocks at once.

What’s new?

Choose and customise the background or text colour for your template blocks in the visual editor.

Simply navigate to the template you want to edit, select the Edit Template tab, then pick your colours:

The colours you pick apply to all existing blocks in the template - if you add a new block after having applied your colours, you’ll need to re-apply. 

Note: If your block has HTML which already specifies a text colour, this may overwrite the colour you set using "Block text colour" option. Simply remove the hex code from your HTML script to use the colour picker instead.

You can either choose an available colour, or enter a hex code. 

You can also click +Save colour on any colour you choose and use it for other blocks.

When you save a colour, it will only be available to you (not anyone else on your team) and only as long as you do not clear your cache.