This guide explains Ometria’s security features to help you manage your account settings, user permissions and preferences. 

Managing your users

The Settings and permissions page includes all of the information you need about:

  • Adding a new user
  • Setting user permissions
  • Passwords
  • Deleting a user


Passwords are set by the user when their account is created in Ometria.

When a new user account is created, that user receives an email notifying them that their profile has been created, prompting them to create a password and log into Ometria. 

Passwords must be a minimum of 10 characters in length. 

Administrators can also prompt users to reset their passwords.

Session duration

Ometria automatically logs out users after 12 hours.

Excluding your company IP

To exclude your company IP address - which hides any traffic to your website which comes from your office, contact support@ometria.com

Ometria audit logs

Audit logs help companies monitor user activity and keep track of potential security breaches or internal misuses of information. 

Ometria’s audit log records the following activity per Ometria account user:

  • Authentication activity
  • Report generation and data export
  • All activity in the the users and permissions area

The audit log helps you track who did what, where they did it, and when. 

Account settings

Your general account settings and default email settings can be modified by an administrator from the Settings screen.

See: Settings and permissions for guidance.

Support alerts

All automatic alerts from Ometria are sent to the primary email address tied to your account. You are asked to provide this address during your onboarding. 

Speak to your customer success manager if you’re unsure.

Coupon pool alerts

You will receive an automatic email alert from Ometria once your static coupon pool falls below 10% of your total usage for the past 30 days.

E.g. If you send 300k coupons over 30 days, the notification triggers once you have 30k remaining. 

Campaign stalled alerts

If your campaign becomes stuck, or stalls for any reason (i.e. no new entries or sends are being processed) you will receive an email alert from Ometria prompting you to review the stalled campaign and contact support if necessary. 

Accessing Ometria for the first time

Setting up your account

Once you are ready to create your Ometria account, you’ll receive an email from our onboarding team containing a link to your account setup steps.

Business Details


Registered Country

The country your company is registered in.

Company Registration Number

Your company registration number/ID.

Company Legal Name

The legal name of your company.

Registered address

Your company’s registered address.

Contact Details


Contact Name

The name of your organisation’s main point of contact for Ometria.

Contact Email

The main point of contact’s email address.

Contact Phone Number

The main point of contact’s phone number.

Contact Address

The main point of contact’s office address.

Internationalisation settings



Select your timezone from the drop-down, e.g. GMT (London).

Report currency

Select the currency you wish to use for your reports, e.g. British Pound Sterling (GBP).

Select Save details to continue.

The next screen displays your information:

Review your details and select Continue.

In the next screen, create the administrator account:

The account administrator is usually a CRM manager or head of marketing.

Complete the following information:


Email address

Administrator’s email address.


Administrator’s name.


Enter a password with a minimum of 10 characters.


Re-enter the password.

Select Save details. 

We recommend adding the URL app.ometria.com as a bookmark in your browser.

Logging into your account

You can log into your account as soon as you’ve completed the setup steps, but you will also receive an email notification letting you know you can log in:

If you are a Magento 1, 2 or Shopify/Plus user, you will need to follow the link in the email to make sure the integration has been successfully completed. 

Customer data protection

Anonymising contacts

Administrator users and users  with the correct permissions can anonymise contacts in Ometria, i.e. remove all personally identifiable information (PII data) from Ometria. 

This doesn’t affect other statistics, e.g. number of orders, number of visits - it only makes the contact anonymous. This is to avoid data degradation, so you can still use the anonymised data for meaningful customer analysis.

When you anonymise a contact, they will no longer be tracked in Ometria.

However, if the contact enters their email address on your website after being anonymised, or if they click a link from an Ometria email campaign (even an old one), they will re-enter Ometria as a new contact. This is because they have effectively given permission for their details to be used again. 

You can bulk anonymise contacts via API. Click here for more information.

To anonymise an individual contact, navigate to their contact profile:

Select Anonymise contact from the Edit drop-down:

A pop-up displays explaining that once you anonymise the contact it cannot be undone:

Enter a comment to explain the anonymisation if you like, and select Anonymise to continue.

You’ll see the following:

Note: It’s a good idea to make a note of your deletion request identifier in case you need to query this request with our support team. 

Once the anonymisation has processed, none of the contact’s personal information will display in Ometria, including their name and email address:

If you click through to the contact’s profile, you can see that they have been anonymised in the Ometria platform, but their revenue and attribution information remains intact for reporting purposes:

Hiding email addresses

The Realtime dashboard’s Event stream displays contact’s email addresses as their visits and orders arrive in real time:  

You can choose to hide this personally identifiable information (PII) from the Realtime dashboard - this is useful if you’re using the CRM only user option for some of your users.

Users with CRM only permissions can only see the Realtime dashboard, static segments and coupon pools.

To protect your contact’s information from these users, contact support@ometria.com to have this functionality switched on for your account.

PII hidden: