Is there a max number of characters allowed in a custom contact field?
There is no limit. There should be no limit on an individual field, just the overall limit on the entire size of all custom fields for a contact (1kb Js...
Tue, 12 Feb, 2019 at 9:47 AM
What are the various meanings of bounce codes?
In Ometria we use definitions set by ISPs to classify different bounce codes and their meanings. The logic we use to determine different bounce categor...
Fri, 15 Dec, 2017 at 9:26 AM
Setting up remarketing lists in AdWords
In order to make use Ometria segments in Google for remarketing (provided we have synced these for you), please refer to this Google guide as to what steps ...
Fri, 15 Dec, 2017 at 6:01 PM
Unsubscribe via unsubscribe link or preference center?
You  would not need a separate unsubscribe link as the preference center  would allow uses who have "subscribed" status or "unknown" sta...
Tue, 12 Feb, 2019 at 9:50 AM
What can I do with dynamic adds in Facebook?
You can use the product feed to display products abandoned/viewed/purchased. Here is the Facebook guide on how to implement dynamic adds. The  sync&...
Fri, 15 Dec, 2017 at 9:34 AM
Preview email template - not displaying
Why  am I unable to view a preview of my email template? Coded view  displayed like the one below but cannot be opened using the preview  button or not show...
Fri, 22 Feb, 2019 at 1:24 PM
How to see how many items customers have bought?
If  you would like to find out how many items/products customers have  bought, you can see this at an individual customer level on the customer  profile scr...
Fri, 22 Feb, 2019 at 1:35 PM
Template image size
Our templates can support images up to 300KB.
Fri, 15 Dec, 2017 at 9:36 AM
Why am I seeing so many 'unknown' marketing statuses?
There could be several factors causing this: We  can only report on the data you send Ometria, and often this is the result of contacts abandoning the sit...
Fri, 8 Nov, 2019 at 2:24 PM
Delayed emails - why are they delayed?
Delays (Temporary Failures or 4xx Errors)   When  we receive a 4xx rejection from the Internet Service Provider (ISP), we  log a "delay" eve...
Fri, 15 Dec, 2017 at 9:37 AM